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The Mindfulness Tracker

The wearable fitness monitor that differentiates your good stress from bad, tracks your activity with heart rate sensing, and provides advanced sleep science insights with REM/NREM.

Being fitness watch front view

Zensorium Being is an advanced wearable that provides health and stress insights for more mindful living.

Bad stress be gone

Get a detailed picture of your stress with Zensorium Being and learn methods to transform bad into good stress. This encourages motivation, excitement and propels you into action.

Goodnight, sleep right

Zensorium Being tracks your overall sleep time, recognizes your awake periods and REM and NREM sleep cycles. Understand your sleeping habit with the advanced sleep insights to help improve your daily efficiency.

Get up and moving

Zensorium Being tracks your heart rate continuously and conveniently without chest strap. Get a detailed picture of your activities and reach your goals effectively.

Being fitness watch rear view

Feature Highlights

  • Aircraft-grade Anodized Aluminum icon Aircraft-grade
    Anodized Aluminum
  • Hypoallergenic icon Hypoallergenic and suitable on all skin types
  • Mineral glass icon Ultra Tough
    K1 Mineral glass
  • Water resistant icon Water resistant
    up to 3 ATM
  • Quick release straps icon Quick release straps for easy replacement
  • Magnetic icon Connects to charger magnetically
Mindfulness graphic

Innovated for Mindful Living

Zensorium Being is a wearable that continuously monitors your health with intelligent mapping capabilities of your moods, activity and sleep.

Map Your Mood

Maps Your Mood

Zensorium Being maps your mood into four different zones, differentiating good from bad stress. It senses your energy from your heart rate and changes in blood pressure, and determines your emotions from your heart rate variability.

Capable of continous monitoring, it knows when you are stressed, and provides steps for deep breathing exercises to reduce stress.

Maps Your Activity

Operating like a pedometer combined with a calorie and activity monitor, Zensorium Being tracks your heart rate, steps, distance, speed, and calories accurately while you are in motion. It maps your movement and monitors your heart rate continuously, so you can optimize workouts.

When you're not exercising, steps are mapped to an hourly heart rate, allowing you to identify the impact of your steps taken and calories burnt 24/7.

Map Your Sleep

Maps your Sleep

As a sleep tracker, Zensorium Being can tell when you’re awake or asleep. While you sleep, it measures NREM and REM sleep, as well as the duration of your sleep cycle.

Sleep quality and quantity both count. Using both the heart rate monitor and accelerometer, Zensorium Being gathers advanced sleep insights and analyses your sleeping patterns to help improve your daytime efficiency.

Be on your way to Mindful Living

*Being is a product name for internal circulation and is not for sale.