News And Press Releases

03 November 2014

PR Newswire - "2014 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Mobile Health & Wellness Tracking New Product Innovation Award presented to Zensorium"

27 October 2014

Frost & Sullivan - "(Zensorium) has developed an innovative and easy-to-use product that integrates mature sensing technology."

01 October 2014

Latin Trends - "Know your fitness level by understanding your heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels in combination."

26 September 2014

The Telegraph - "Tinké measures and communicates to your phone not only your heart rate, but your breathing rate and blood oxygen level as well, all combined into one overall “Vita score” which is a great indication of general fitness."

18 September 2014

Wearable Technologies - "Tinké provides a Vita index that puts together 3 elements measured to represent your cardio."

06 August 2014

Digital Life by The Straits Times - "The result of three years of R&D, designed to let users keep track of their fitness quickly and simply."

09 June 2014

August Man Magazine - "Getting the best out of tech without hurting your wallet."

03 June 2014

EX Magazine - "keeps track of your fitness and lets you know how chilled out you are."

03 June 2014

CNet Espanol - (Translated) "This gizmo connects directly to your smart phone and is able to measure your heart rate, oxygen levels in your blood and breath; all this in just 30 seconds."

19 May 2014

The Business Times - "Activity trackers only track tip of the iceberg."

24 April 2014

Truly Gadgets - "You can use the Tinke to lower your stress level with some practice, thanks to a heart rate variability indicator that corresponds with relaxation."

10 April 2014

Tech In Asia - "I was rather impressed by the four health parameters offered by the Tinké, making it the only sensor on the market able to pack heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen level, and respiratory rate measurements into a single device."

01 April 2014

Expat Living - "Fitness at Your Fingertips"

23 March 2014

Men's Health - "Tinké, from Singapore-based Zensorium, is especially cool."

20 March 2014

Venture Beat - "Tinké, is surprisingly useful"

05 March 2014

CNet - "The Vita Fitness measurement helps track your body's status, while a Zen Relaxation measurement can "calm as well as understand your inner self."

10 February 2014 - "The Zensorium Tinké is a revolutionary device designed to change the face of mobile fitness and wellness"

08 February 2014

Italiamac - [In Italian] Translated: "Tinké can be used to help relax during moments of stress"

07 February 2014

Wellocracy - "On the home screen you are given helpful tips"

16 January 2014

Lucky Dux - "Because the Tinké was so easy to use and tote around, we quickly developed a routine for monitoring Vita and Zen Index."

15 January 2014

Popsugar Fitness - "The Future of Fitness Tech Isn't Just on Your Wrist"

13 January 2014

Senior Housing News - "Five Coolest Senior Care Tech Unveiled at CES 2014"

13 January 2014

Med Gadget - "An iPhone Connected Pulse Oximeter"

11 January 2014

Android Pit - "(In German) Translated: CES 2014: These are the new cool gadgets"

09 January 2014

Minimalist Shoes & Fitness Gear - "No other device that we are aware of can do this."

08 January 2014

MobiHealth News - "New version for Android"

08 January 2014 - "Wearable technologies are the height of fashion"

07 January 2014

Tech Guide - "Tinke can also play a part by encouraging you to engage in relaxation and breathing exercises."

07 January 2014

Ad Week - "Zensorium is notable for being a pioneer in connected health"

07 January 2014

PTC - "Tinke is made for bodies at rest"

06 January 2014

PC Mag - "In a world of wearable health trackers, Tinke sets itself apart "

06 January 2014

CNET FRANCE - "(In French) Translated: Zensorium presents an Android compatible version of its sensor."

05 January 2014

CNET - "With its sensors, Tinke users can track at rest, when they can measure their true fitness."

05 January 2014

Android Headlines - "Tinke was designed to be used to track how someone is doing over time, not just when they’re working out"

01 January 2014

Southwest Spirit - "Tinké will guide you through a controlled breathing exercise to get you back to your happy place before entering the boardroom"

22 November 2013

Measured Me - "I LOVE IT! My first impression is: it is extremely easy to use!"

20 November 2013

Geek News Central - "Tinké measures how my activities are effecting my heartbeat and respiratory rate"

20 November 2013

i3 - "Tinke is one example of the growing number of innovative technologies in the emerging space of digital wellness."

15 October 2013

Mac & i - "In German (Translated): Tinke measures body functions and provide instructions for relaxation."

13 September 2013

Cassandra Daily - "The device can help user achieve a greater sense of inner peace"

07 August 2013

Macworld Australia - "We certainly felt more relaxed after testing our Zen Index"

04 August 2013

Coolest Gadgets - "Makes perfect sense for one to remain aware of one’s fitness level, even at rest"

01 August 2013

Slash Gear - "Tinke device differs a bit from other fitness devices, namely achieving the distinction with its Zen Index feature"

31 July 2013

Cult of Mac - "The Tinke Lightning Dongle Measures Your Zen Level"

21 June 2013

TechHive - "Tech at Your Fingertips"

15 May 2013

WSJ - "Devices for Inner Peace"

15 April 2013

Inc. - "Tools for reducing stress without leaving your desk"

31 March 2013

Kotekuh - "Witness the Fitness"

28 March 2013

Laptop Mag - "Whether you're a fitness buff or you just want to keep better tabs, all you need is your iPhone or iPad and one little accessory - Tinké"

15 March 2013

PC Mag - "results were usually pretty close when taken back to back"

11 March 2013

Cool Hunting - "We were impressed both by the device's ease of use and the app's interface"

01 March 2013

DadDoes - "Review: Cool Things Come In Small Packages"

28 February 2013

Bloomberg - "12 Tech Gadgets to Help You"

02 February 2013

Geek News Central - "Tinké Coverage at CES 2013 by TPN TV"

17 January 2013

WSJ - "Tinké can help to keep you fit over time"

13 January 2013

WSJ - "The Tinké was also easy to use. I plugged the device into the iPhone, downloaded the app, ran a quick calibration and was measuring my stress levels in minutes"

10 January 2013

BBC - "Tech that grabs attention at CES 2013"

10 January 2013

The Straits Times - "S'pore gizmo may help Japanese giant diversify"

22 December 2012

USA Today - "Tinké keeps a pulse on stress levels."

18 December 2012

BBC - "Take your fitness into your own hands... or at least into your thumb."

15 December 2012

Twice - "Tinke iOS Cardio Monitor Debuts"

11 December 2012

Uncrate - "Tinké tracks measurements over time to give you a larger picture of changes in your fitness score and stress levels."

04 December 2012

TUAW - "Zensorium's Tinké iOS accessory monitors cardiorespiratory, stress levels"

01 December 2012

Men's Health Singapore - "Gear that keep track"

13 November 2012

CNET - "Find your Zen with Tinké: An iOS accessory that measures cardiorespiratory fitness with a touch of your thumb"

04 September 2012

IFA International Day 5 Edition - "The results of three years of intensive R&D, Tinké responds to the growing interest in personal fitness and wellness."

01 September 2012

LePoint.Fr - "In French (translated): Through an optical system, it is able to measure your heart rate and breathing, and offer breathing exercises to relax."

01 September 2012

International Business Times - "In Italian(translated):"Tinké is not the first device of this kind on the market, but unlike the others allows also to measure the heart rate, respiratory rate,oxygen levels in the blood as well as heartbeat."

31 August 2012 - "In German(translated): The " Vita Index" is meant to simplify comparisons and on-screen tips helps design a better everyday life"

31 August 2012

Style Cowboys - "In Dutch (translated): "Tinké makes it possible to use a small piece of design to measure how fit you are."

31 August 2012 - " In Dutch translated: Look, that's a nice one ! A small device by which you cannot only measure how much oxygen is in your blood and what your heartbeat and respiratory rhythm is, but also how to cope with stress."

30 August 2012

Laptop Mag - "Tinké Thumbs On: iPhone Fitness and Wellness Monitor"

22 June 2012

Young Upstarts - "It’s a tiny little device, for sure, but it’s one of the (very) few on show that made our hearts pump just that little faster."

22 June 2012 - "In French (translated): Tinké is a small device that connects directly to the iPhone that allows to know your state of well-being by measuring some of your vital signs by the touch of a finger."

21 June 2012

CNET Asia - "... at CommunicAsia, Zensorium's Tinké has made quite a splash"

24 January 2012

CNN Money - "Many companies have tried to create tech-savvy monitoring devices, but none have managed quite so well as Singapore-based company Zensorium."

16 January 2012

Opinno - "Tinké... data is collected by the phone’s app and turned into a general score that can be compared with others."

10 January 2012

CNN - "5 CES gadgets that caught our eye"

10 January 2012 - " Top 10 gadgets at CES Unveiled 2012"

09 January 2012

Hardware Zone - "Zensorium Launches Blood Oxygen Level Monitor for the iPhone at CES Unveiled 2012"

09 January 2012

Forbes - " Zensorium's Tinké is a iPhone-Based Fitness & Wellness Monitor."

09 January 2012

Tech Life Goes Strong - "A quick and simple way to satisfy your curiosity about your general fitness and wellness"

09 January 2012

Information Week - "Tinké's also super thin, about three inches square, and includes two sensing windows to take its measurements from a user's thumb--two LEDs with different wavelengths react to blood volume changes."

09 January 2012

Wired UK - "... sounds like a new radioactive element cooked up in the lab, but it's actually a fitness and wellness monitor for smartphones"

09 January 2012

MSN Glo - " of the most talked-about iPhone plug-ins came from Singapore-based company Zensorium"

09 January 2012

The Verge - "Provides one-touch fitness & wellness stats on your iPhone"

09 January 2012

Chip Chick - "... the latest fitness and wellness gadget to appear on the market"

09 January 2012

Cult Of Mac - "... fitness was going to have a large footprint at CES this year, and so far we haven't been disappointed. Case in point, the Zensorium Tinké."

09 January 2012

Wired - "...bringing heart and respiratory fitness to the center of attention"